United Airlines Terminal LAX

Los Angeles, CA 

The project required the surgical removal of isolated structural elements while maintaining full airport operations to create a modern and unified passenger experience.


Designed in 1959, LAX Terminal 7 began with Pereira & Luckman’s iconic, elliptical satellite buildings. This once free-standing structure went through a series of renovations and connective additions to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the nation’s second busiest airport.

We adapted the existing patchwork of buildings at LAX Terminal 7, incorporating a new Security and Screening Checkpoint addition. The passenger circulation was simplified to a straight path with a direct line of sight from Entry to a grand stair to the Terminal gates, taking the experience from a six-turn to a single connected path from the car to gate.


Our team was Design Architect on this collaborative project with HNTB as Prime and Architect of Record. Together we created a cohesive design that simplifies passenger circulation and creates a whole — united by light.

Photography: Nick Merrick /  Hall Merrick