The Tower at North Franklin

Chicago, IL 


The design directive from the client was to create an iconographic building that was simultaneously rooted in Chicago’s high-rise language.

With the goal of total flexibility in leasing layouts, optimized elevator solutions, and world-class amenities, the building design balances between the functional and qualitative requirements needed to meet tenants’ wide-ranging needs. Today’s workplace requirements call for maximum efficiency and flexibility to perform varied tasks rapidly, without cost in changing the physical space to support the work. 

The lobby, 5th-level podium and multiple terraces on higher floors are rich, biophilic environments for occupants to enjoy a sense of nature within an otherwise dense, urban surrounding. Optimized building massing, efficient vertical transportation, and elevated terraces improve floor leasability and create a panoramic connection to the entire city. These useable terraces are created as the core drops away, providing unique exterior signature areas for additional amenities and adds daylight to interior spaces.

This was an exploration of the most technically savvy, efficient way to design a building that would perform for a wide variety of requirements — for clients with both traditional and newer workspaces, and a desire for flexibility. 


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