Face Protective Gear That Is Adjustable and Vertically Sliding



Over the last few weeks, it has been incredible to witness fellow architects using their ingenuity and resourcefulness to meet the practical needs of their communities.


Our own team has designed and produced a reusable face shield prototype that will help local healthcare workers who are caring for patients during the COVID-19 crisis.


We worked closely with medical staff at a local Medical Center here in Chicago to develop a lightweight face shield that provides maximum coverage and is adjustable, comfortable, and simple to clean and reuse.




“Can the plastic on the side be extended 2 inches to cover the ears more?”

– Prototype Tester, Resurrection Medical Center


Medical team members tested our initial prototype in the hospital setting, then shared valuable feedback that helped us fine-tune the design to improve its functionality and flexibility.


Project Architect Mariusz Klemens initiated the concept when he learned of the hospital’s need for more personal protective equipment (PPE) from his sister-in-law, Dr. Angelina Slota, a resident at the hospital.


Mariusz enlisted the entire office in a design process that included developing sketches and working online collaboratively to refine the concept.


Here are some unique design features of our face shield prototype:

  • It has a continuous barrier, with no holes or screws.

  • The curved plastic shield extends down to the chest and also covers the wearer’s ears and sides of the head.

  • A plastic helmet provides additional coverage to the forehead and face from the top. The single material helmet hooking system is adjustable to different head sizes.

  • The shield itself can also be adjusted up and down to accommodate the height of each wearer.

The face shield has no rubber pieces and is designed to be easily sanitized.

Mariusz set up a temporary 3D printing operation in his apartment and is working around-the-clock to produce and assemble the face shields. He delivered an initial batch of 20 shields to Resurrection Medical Center — and with an additional 3D printer purchased we will be delivery as many shields as we can produce.







“Incredible! We’ve been wearing it all day. Love that there is no rubber because it’s easier to sanitize.”

– Healthcare Worker, Resurrection Medical Center



















Email if you would like the 3D Files




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