Shure Great Hall
Niles, IL |  2016

The early 20th century history of amplified sound parallels the rise of Shure Incorporated as an important force in the audio industry. K+S was challenged to showcase the company’s 90 year history through a permanent exhibit presented as a gift from the founder to the company’s Associates. Layered and focused views, as well as literal and phenomenal transparency, were employed to communicate this history. Located within their corporate headquarters building, the exhibit tells this story through the use of three elements: the Associates Wall, Iron Cases, and Archive Wall.

The Associates Wall uses content that is focused on showcasing individual associates who are making a positive impact to the company. 

The lacquered panels of the Icon Cases showcase the company’s landmark products. Composed to allow framed views of the Archive Wall beyond, they serve as an intimate lens through which much of the company’s history and technical expertise can be experienced. A custom hand silkscreened dot pattern was applied to the surface in order to seamlessly blend lighting elements.

The Archive Wall showcases products and marketing materials focused on Innovation, Testing, Design & Identity and Global Influence. This material is composed behind a 90 foot long by 12 foot high plane of glass.  Unique hardware was used to allow the case to be easily opened from the front while maintaining a 1/8” joint between each 530 pound laminated glass panel.

Together these elements serve to reinforce the company’s commitment to design excellence and provide invaluable insight to future generations of employees into the company’s values and history.

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AIA Chicago Chapter - Interior Architecture Honor Award, 2016


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