Shure Great Hall

Chicago, IL 



Shure is a leader in its field because of the dedication of the people that work there, the products they create, and the values they all share. The exhibit, called the Great Hall, was a culmination of several years of planning spearheaded by Rose Shure, who wanted to create a special area as a gift to all the associates past and present.

The exhibit centered on reimagining a previously underutilized pedestrian thoroughfare within the existing headquarters building, adjacent to the cafeteria and strategically located by the main entrance to the campus. In collaboration with Pentagram as exhibit designer, the idea was developed into three segments:

Associates. Technology was utilized to communicate current events and real-time news focused on individual contributors who positively impact the company.
Archives. Themes dedicated to Innovation, Testing, Design + Identity, and Global Influence.

Timeline topics interwoven with highlights detailing the product’s impact on social + global events.
Iconic. Cases showcased landmark products — from the classic grill microphone to wireless. 

Structurally the cases elegantly hide the framework and highly technical mechanics of the displays. 


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