A Stainless Steel Apartment

Chicago, IL

This duplex apartment for a young family of four is on the top two floors of 860 Lakeshore Drive, a 1951 landmark Mies van der Rohe steel-and-glass apartment tower, with magnificent views of Lake Michigan and the city. The clients desired a minimally furnished and dynamically detailed space that would reflect and extend the architecture of this classic building. 

A formal living area, along with a study and master bedroom are located on the upper level and are linked through a stair to the informal living spaces — kitchen, dining, study and children’s bedrooms, on the lower level. The stairway and its accompanying slot yield dramatic views of the lake while allowing for a unique opportunity to experience Mies’ curtain wall from the inside.

Materials were chosen for durability, ease of maintenance and a sense of delicacy and texture. These include glass-chip terrazzo, stainless steel plates, colored stainless steel wrapped cabinets and laminated glass. Custom designed furniture throughout the apartment complements the architecture. The result is an exploration and creative expansion of many of the modern principles found in the existing Mies building. 



AIA National Honor Award
AIA Chicago Honor Award

Photography: Marco Lorenzetti / Hedrich Blessing

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