K+S Furniture Series

Chicago, IL 

The Chicago Chair

The fluid qualities of the stainless steel and the precision of the machined metal plates contrast with the sensual forms of the plush velvet upholstery. The Chicago Chair's reflections dissolve into themselves, dematerializing, as the stainless-steel arms unfold seductively to invite on the rest upon the yielding fabric.


RK Chaise

The spine, a series of vertebrae with extended ribs, is the inspiration for this chaise, which is structure by a continuous line of cut and bent stainless-steel plates. The cushions are individual modules of upholstery connected at each rib.


Olympian I

The back of this dining chair evokes the discreetly folded wings of an insect. The anodized aluminum perforated screens of the chair rise high above the table to encompass the space. These screens develop and intimacy while the perforations allow for veiled views of the dining area and the spaces beyond.


Olympian II

The least organic of our furniture, this dining chair has been reduced to its minimal functional form. It is defined by the restrained curves that free its internal energies. Stainless-steel plates have been bent and openings milled out only as required to develop pulls and handles.

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