Arts Club of Chicago

Chicago, IL   |   1995 

The Arts Club of Chicago was a symbol of classic modern art and architecture for Chicago, with its Brancusi bird announcing arrival to Mies van der Rohe's only interior space. In spite of its two-story stair, the Mies space was meant to be perceived as a continuous horizontal space, accentuated by a conscious denial of height through the minimal opening preluding to the ascent. This was its history but, unfortunately, not its future. The great interior was a destined victim of the wrecking ball. 


Our design insists too that the two-story solution be read as a whole. A fluid space is compressed to the edges of the overlapping rectangles, tightly integrating the space vertically as well as horizontally, with a neutral and decentralized courtyard. The building was then raised on a platform to separate the club from the street and to initiate the entrance sequence.

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