UIC College of Medicine Learning Center

Chicago, IL

Built early in the 1930s, the facility had experienced many years of smaller ad-hoc renovations. Our team identified UIC’s space type and technology requirements through intensive programming and visioning sessions — this was key to achieve the right results.

Aided by a faculty steering committee, a COM technology team and six student representatives, building systems requirements and program components were outlined and prioritized, and design options were measured against the budget.

At UIC the upper two-story auditorium sloped concrete floor was demolished and replaced with a new floor to create two new team-based active learning spaces. The lower two-story auditorium was updated and windows were uncovered and replaced.

Simulation labs and technically-loaded spaces were equipped with the latest services and AV systems including distance learning links with COM campuses in Rockford, Peoria, and Urbana — combined creating the largest College of Medicine in the United States.

Registered with the certification goal of LEED® GOLD

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