Phillips Plastic Molding Facility

Phillips, WI 

Designed for a leader in plastic molding technology, the Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing facility advances the functional form of the industrial workplace. Phillips company culture supports continuous innovation, flattened hierarchy and the values of teamwork, dignity, employee satisfaction — equal access to space, light, and views.

Located in rural Wisconsin at the confluence of the Elk River and Elk Lake, the building is sited to minimize removal of trees while taking maximum advantage of exceptional views. Extensive use of glass allows all employees to enjoy these views from every location in the facility. 

Careful consideration was given to the color of materials and their effect on the quality of light entering the workspaces, especially during the long winter season. Sunlight is controlled with overhangs, fritted glass and native plantings, eliminating fatigue-producing glare and reducing energy use while filling the interior with light.



AIA Chicago Honor Award 
2001 Business Week Business Week | Architectural Record “Good Design is Good  Business”
This award recognized both design excellence and the successful implementation of client and user needs through a matrix of quantitative and qualitative measurements of building performance, including — employee productivity, construction costs, overhead reduction + quality of environment.

Photography: Mariusz Mizera


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