US Embassy, Paris

Paris, France

Constructed in 1932, the first building for the Embassy of the United States in Paris had not been upgraded to meet current Diplomatic Security standards for overseas facilities. The two buildings on the Embassy site are located adjacent to the Champs-Elysées, a highly visible and historically-significant property to maintain. 

We were brought in to conduct a feasibility study of the existing buildings and other underutilized real estate holdings, the current operations + programming adjacencies that are critical to the daily life of the Embassy, and the impact changes would have on operations within the embassy during construction. This understanding of the delicate balance between the historic structures and security requirements enlightened everyone of the project's complexities.

Our team has been working closely with the City of Paris and the adjacent businesses to address perimeter security upgrades for the site, which includes security measures designed within the adjacent Paris street — a linchpin project that must be completed before any other work moves forward.