U.S. Embassy, Nairobi - Office + Support Facilities

Nairobi, Kenya

Commissioned to master plan and implement a number of renovations, add structures on the campus and reconfigure the site, we began this project with a comprehensive master plan. Through extensive site surveys, user interviews, programming, and multiple client charrettes, several site options were analyzed — which coalesced into three distinct opportunities for OBO’s consideration.

What was a design challenge of campus circulation with a remote building location, became an opportunity to enhance the experience of the site users. Through the relocation of inner campus roadways, we developed a landscape network to connect the new office building to the existing offices. This new landscape will utilize native planting, including endangered tree species.

The new landscape network not only physically connects users but also provides visual continuity, tying the buildings together into one cohesive whole. 

Construction Completion - 2020