Maryjane Ma

Maryjane (Ruijie) is an exceptional teammate. The quality of thought, trustworthiness and speed in turning concept to reality allow her to create multiple, thorough and beautiful options. An urban designer and architect with international experience, placemaking is her focus and she brings a unique sensibility to her projects.

Her expertise and viewpoint are invaluable in connecting large-scale components into a holistic experience. Her vision encompasses healthy spaces and human experiences at different scales, with a systematic approach that improves walkability, strengthens ecosystems and supports a neighborhood’s well-being, including the natural habitat of wildlife. Her solutions are always both environmentally responsible and human-centered, with great sensitivity shown to comfort and the interaction between people and mobility.

Maryjane has structured her professional career on the impact of the built environment on public health and in discovering the multi-layered relationship between urban design and public health. This belief is entrenched in every environmental design project she’s worked on. She actively participates in non-profit efforts such as an urban planning initiative to improve Chicago’s River System for the benefits of people and public health, and to revive neighborhoods via renovating existing buildings with new sustainable technology paradigm.

Maryjane is actively involved in several ULI programs including:

ULI Health Leaders Network Cohort 2

ULI Chicago Technical Assistance Panelist for North Avenue