Grogan | Dove FBI Building

Miramar, FL

Designed under the GSA Design Excellence program, the campus celebrates the dedication to public service of all federal employees. The holistic design was focused not on a single issue, but on a long-term view for enduring value and performance while enhancing the wellbeing and quality of work-life for users.

The 20-acre site accommodates an office building for approximately 1,000 federal workers, a parking structure, and a vehicle maintenance facility. Originally a part of the Everglades, the site had been leveled with 18” of aggregate fill prior to purchase by the GSA, and restoring the indigenous wetlands became an overarching goal.

Two 60-foot-wide buildings – six and seven stories tall, strike the best balance of internal efficiency and maximizes site ecology. Building massing and east-west orientation support passive sustainability by minimizing solar exposure + heat gain and creates micro-climates that encourage building occupants to engage with the outdoors. Perforated sunscreens at the South-facing façades reduce glare without obstructing views. 

An integral part of the project’s success, the landscape integrates and conceals security elements, accommodates a robust stormwater management system, renews wildlife, and creates site-specific outdoor spaces connecting users to nature.

In total, 59% of the site area was restored back to indigenous wetlands.

LEED® Platinum Core + Shell
LEED® Gold Commercial Interiors


A pilot of the Sustainable Sites© Initiative™ 
Designed to meet Net Zero by 2030

AIA Chicago Chapter / Distinguished Building Award
AIA Chicago Athenaeum / American Architecture Award
AIA Chicago Chapter / Divine Detail Award
Design-Build Institute of America / Project of the Year
GSA Design Award / 2014 GSA Design Excellence Citation

Photography: Nick Merrick / Hedrich Blessing


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