Crown Fountain

Chicago, IL 

Crown Fountain is both a public sculpture and urban square.  It has come to exemplify the potential of a 21st-century fountain – no longer just an object in the landscape for observation, but something to encourage participation and engagement. A powerful example of the value and prudence of interactive public art and architecture in cities.

The plaza features two five-story translucent glass monoliths, with water that cascades from the top of each tower. Equipped with sophisticated LED displays supported by a hidden structure and fixed behind a transparent scrim of glass block, three sides of the towers glow cheerfully. 1000 Chicago faces alternate on the LED display periodically pucker their lips and spray a deluge of water on to anyone standing below — a contemporary interpretation of playful gargoyles.

Fast Company - Innovation by Design / Honorable Mention: Timeless Design / Crown Fountain Chicago Architecture Foundation, Patron Of The Year
Midwest Construction, Project Of The Year
IESNA Chicago Chapter, Illumination Design Award
AIA National Honor Award
Chicago Innovation Award
AIA Chicago Chapter, Divine Detail
AIA Chicago Chapter, Citation Of Merit
IALD International Lighting Design, Award Of Excellence

Photography: Steve Hall / Hedrich Blessing

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Innovating in Chicago Today  |  Lecture by Tom Jacobs:

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