S.N. Shure Theater

Niles, IL

An environment to demonstrate the precise acoustic qualities of Shure’s equipment was added within the original office building. The location designated for the theater was in a constrained structural space not ideal for theater functions, so placement of the stage and seating was a challenge.


We resolved this by cutting an opening through two floors and maximizing height.


Melding the structure and existing column location with the layout of the theater required careful planning and was achieved by integrating the column into the elegant design. Tapered English Sycamore fins were crafted to bring warmth and richness to the space while meeting specific technical requirements. Through full-scale mock-ups, the fins were designed to control amplified music and speech so that every note played and every word spoken is equally intelligible.

This finely-tuned theater showcases Shure equipment’s performance capabilities, supporting their mission + brand.



AIA Chicago Chapter Interior Architecture Honor Award

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