Shure Inc. Innovation Center

Chicago, IL

A world leader in sound reproduction equipment and high-performance microphones, Shure required a new center that represented their personality and values, for both winning clients and recruiting top engineering talent.

The Innovation Center building addition united blue-ribbon teams with research and prototyping equipment and testing chambers, supporting increased communication and exchange of ideas with strategically located adaptive spaces. 

Technical challenges included creating sound and vibration-isolated spaces, including anechoic chambers, on a site adjacent to a rail line. This was achieved by isolating these rooms on separate foundation systems. Testing laboratories and spaces that demanded independent control of light, air quality and acoustic isolation, were located in enclosed structures on the main floor.

The result is a high-performance flexible workplace with abundant natural light. Light is controlled with fixed louvers, providing employees with indirect and diffused natural light necessary for the highly technical work. 


AIA Chicago Chapter Citation of Merit
Chicago Architecture Foundation Patron of the Year
AIA Chicago Chapter Interior Architecture

Photography: Steve Hall / Hedrich Blessing


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