Chicago Children's Museum Renovation

Chicago, IL

A leader in their field, the CCM team is very research focused in their approach to exhibit development, and their savvy and creative ways compliment our strategic approach to design. Our primary objective for the project was to provide the right envelope for them to creatively showcase their exhibits and programs now — and in the future.

This was a phased renovation, and we worked closely with the contractor to develop the three-phase strategy so the Museum could remain open during the construction. Special planning goes into this process since spaces under construction must be closed off while egress and other code requirements are met. Safety was a top priority and communicating about the process with staff and visitors alike required coordination between all teams involved.

All stakeholders were dedicated to providing the best solution to fit CCM's current needs and budget. Coordination with Navy Pier's team was also critical, and because of the building's history, there were complexities. Through the team's attention to detail, agility, and openness to working together, this was a very rewarding project and a successful partnership.

Photography: Kendall McCaugherty / Hall + Merrick Photographers