C40 Competition
A Strategic Site for a Catalytic Prototype


In Chicago’s East Garfield Park site, we believe the answer lies in — catalyzing community


A joint venture with: 

Campbell Coyle,  Krueck + Sexton, Atelier Ten, Skender, OMNI Workshop, Terry Guen Design Associates, Luftwerk, David Mason + Associates

The neighborhood has experienced underinvestment for decades — resulting in a shortage of opportunity today. For initial programming we actively engaged with select local teams including:

  • ICNC

  • UILABS / City Tech

  • East Garfield Park Community Council

  • IFF

  • Accion 

A Model for Self-sufficiency

Beyond Affordability:

Work + Live + Carbon Neutral for the Long Run

A Prototype for Flexibility + Scalability
Meeting Changing Needs Drives Long-term Resilience

Affordable and Healthy Living
A Mix of Unit Sizes, Each Connected to the Outdoors


Prefabricated housing units based on Passive House methodology:


  • A super-insulated + airtight enclosure, highly efficient mechanical ventilation outside the natural ventilation seasons with maximum on-site renewable energy. 

  • The linearly arranged + stacked multiple living units create a majority of shared party walls not exposed to the exterior. 

  • The single-loaded apartment typology + central courtyard’s provide natural ventilation.

  • Operable windows at both sides of each unit take advantage of breezes and cross-ventilate the entire unit.

  • The courtyard landscaping filters and purifies the air, provides shading and is the foundation of a healthy and nature-connected lifestyle.

  • Single-loaded corridors engage residents with the courtyards.

  • At strategic points, the walk widens to provide enough room for social interaction.

Safe + Connected to the Community

A Pioneering Project Type that Bridges to Point of Critical Neighborhood Momentum

Eventually - Everything Connects

Artwork, Lighting, and Digital Integration —

Plus more!

Outdoor street lighting is a necessity for safety, serving as an immersive feature to create an identity for the community. 

The lighting is envisioned as an interactive, playful marker serving to activate the Kedzie corridor at night while preventing light pollution.

Occupants are given an interactive operating manual for the building. 

Smart technologies not only show the status of lights, temperature and other building systems, they can also be used to highlight community events.

Evolutionary Planning + Feedback Loop
Actionable: Track • Learn • Adapt • Duplicate

C40 + 10 Competition Challenges = Carbon-Free

An Urban Neighborhood Regenerated


Campbell Coyle (Developer)

Omni Ecosystems (Landscape Architect - Building)

Atelier Ten (Sustainability)

Luftwerk (Artist)

Terry Guen Design Associates (Landscape Architect - Groundplane)

Skender (Construction Manager)

David Mason (Civil Engineering)

Krueck + Sexton (Lead + Architect)