K+S Sketches: Blind Contours

By: K+S Staff


October, 2016

issue #06


We are excited to debut "K+S Sketches," a new blog series featuring sketches and hand drawings created by the K+S staff. Even though digital methods are essential to today's architectural profession, the hand drawn 'sketch' remains integral to the design process as a tool for discovery, study and communication. Throughout this series we will be exploring the wide variety of drawing techniques utilized by the architects and designers at Krueck + Sexton Architects. Posts in the series will run the gamut from building facade studies to recording unique observations from everyday life, travel and everything in between.  


To kick-off the series the entire office (from interns to principals) participated in a 'Blind Contour' exercise, a technique in which the contour of a subject is drawn without looking at the paper. The result was an inspiring and fun collection of architectural spaces, still lifes and office portraits.