issue #01

Chicago Boogie Woogie

Chicago Architecture Biennial | The Available City Exhibition


Chicago Boogie-Woogie is a re-imagined model of urban ownership and living on five Chicago lots. As part of the Inaugural Chicago Biennial, the project is now on exhibit in the Garland Gallery at the Chicago Cultural Center. In a fundamental break from the typical development pattern, three buildings are oriented parallel to street and alley, creating interconnected and secure collective courtyard spaces lined with stores and shops. Private living units, affordable due to their range in size, are supported by adjacent areas of collective space in which living, dining, and socializing functions take place.


When you own a unit here, you own

a bed

a living room 

a dining room

a kitchen

a café

a restaurant

a florist

a barbershop

a workshop

a library.

You own everything. Even an orchard.

Floor Plan


Krueck + Sexton Architects

Don Semple

Eli Logan

Lindsey Telford

Sean Kim

Tom Jacobs