Donald Reilly Semple

AIA   |  Associate Principal

Instantly likeable, Don is an earnest, sincere, personable architect with a very diverse portfolio of work. His background in construction, woodworking and sculpture are the foundation for how he visualizes and details his designs. He’s extremely curious and distinctly brilliant, constantly investigating new ways to use technology to push the limits of our designs. As a design leader in the office, Don carefully melds his design values with the environmental goals and desires of the client, and the opportunities presented by the site.


While at Kansas State University Don traveled to Finland as part of his education, studying the work of great Scandinavian architects. Besides developing a love for ice hockey, traveling taught him to not take himself too seriously. Learning from experiencing the work of masters like Aalto taught him that dynamic space and modulated scale can harmonize with purposeful and playful juxtaposition.


Don teaches online classes for and is co-instructor with Mark Sexton at Northwestern University. He is active in his community, part of a team of citizens spearheading a project to improve safety for visitors and commuters of Logan Square, creating a multi-modal and pedestrian-friendly urban experience.