Architects Advocate
We push for healthy environments and advocate to strengthen our communities.

Architects Advocate is a public outreach initiative that gives voice to an important issue that affects healthy and livable communities and cities. Currently, it consists of over 900 architecture and design firms, primarily from Chicago, which are speaking out publicly in support of action on Climate Change. 

This nonpartisan grassroots network was co-founded in 2016 by partner Tom Jacobs to promote our commitment to helping enact reasonable and prudent action on climate change. At the heart of this effort is the belief that we need more dialogue and partnership across political affiliations in times of crippling partisanship.


Action on Climate Change – enacting meaningful legislation/policy to mitigate Climate Change

Architects — and the environments we create — play a critical role in influencing climate change.

This truth guides each design decision we make.

We have been members of AIA’s 2030 Commitment since 2013 and we are dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint on all of our projects as we aim to meet these ambitious goals.